19 August 2013

Multiple leiomyomas

Age: 30 year
Gender: Male
Site: Shoulder & Arm
Duration: 10 years
Morphology: multiple skin-colored to pinkish  nodules of10 years duration. Upper lesions were itchy whereas lower lesions were painful and tender. A syrian dermatologist had treated some of the lesions with laser (type of laser ?) and many lesions recurred with itching. O/E upper lesions (recurred ones) were firm to hard to palpation while lower lesions were smooth to ruberry in consistency. Skin biopsy revealed leiomyomas whereas recurred lesions were in fact keloidal scars (complicated laser therapy).

03 June 2013


Age: 80 year
Gender: Male
Duration: 10 months
Site: Leg
Morphology: An asymptomatic, dome-shaped, pinkish-red nodule with central crater filled with heaped-up keratin. It has been excised with a suitable safe margin and sent for HP examination which was consistent with KA.

02 January 2013

Pigmented BCC

Age: 65 year
Gender: Male
Site: Chest/ Back
Duration: 2 years
History: Two rounded red plaques with well-demarcated, thread-like pigmented borders about 2 cm diameter  involving the chest and back. Both lesions cured with twice daily applications of Efudix (5 FU) ointment for 8 weeks.
* The interesting and peculiar aspect in this case is the occurrence of two BCCs simultaneously and on covered part of the body (trunk) in a patient with no risk factor except his age.