25 February 2011

Multiple neurofibromas

Age: 67 year
Gender: Female
Site: Face
Duration: Many decades
Morphology: A known case of neurofibromatosis since early childhood. She presented with myriads of skin-colored soft nodules involving most of the face and many other parts of the body. The face mimicked a "bunch of grape" due to these tumors. The nodules were soft and can be pushed down into the panniculus by light pressure with the finger ("buttonholing") and spring back when released.

Mycosis fungoides

Age: 46 years
Gender: Female
Site: Face & Forearms
Duration: 5 years
Morphology: Asymptomatic, bilateral symmetrical, infiltrative red plaques and nodules. There was no lymph node or organ enlargement.

14 February 2011

Pigmented BCC

Age: 77 year
Gender: Female
Site: Mandibular region
Duration: 3 years
Morphology: An oval, large ulcer with pigmented rolled up border and crusted base. The lesion bleeds easily on minor touch. There was no lymph node enlargement.

13 February 2011


Age: 27 year
Gender: Male
Site: Lower lip
Duration: 8 months
Morphology: An asymptomatic, indurated, oval ulcer with everted borders and crusted granular base. No lymph node enlargemet or distant metastasis.

12 February 2011

MF (Plaque stage)

Age: 43 year
Gender: Female
Site: Thigh
Duration: 1 year
Morphology: A solitary, asymptomatic, indurated, brownish-red plaque with multinodular surface and irregular well-demarcated outline.

01 February 2011

Squamous cell carcinoma

Age: 70 years
Gender: Females
Site: Lower lip
Duration: 18 months
Morphology: Oval ulcer with an everted borders and hemorrhagic crusted base. No lymph node enlargement or organomegaly.