11 June 2010

B-cell Lymphoma

Age:64 year
Gender: Male
Site: Generalized
Duration: 8-10 months
Morphology: Translucent pinkish nodules mimicking mulloscum contagiosum on the face and neck and dull red plaques and nodules on the trunk. Positive lymph nodes in the cervical and axillary regions with hepatosplenomegaly.

Kaposi sarcoma

Age: 45 year
Gender: Male
Site: Lower limb
Duration: > 1 year
Morphology: Asymptomatic, purplish nodules and plaques. No lymph node enlargement or organomegaly.

04 June 2010


Age: 60 year
Gender: Female
Site: Face (Unilateral)
Duration: 10 months
Morphology: Multiple, asymptomatic, pinkish and skin-colored nodules associated with pain especially on cold exposure. Skin biopsy was consistent with leiomyoma.  

Kaposi sarcoma

Age: 38 year
Gender: Male
Site: Forearm (Unilateral)
Duration: 8 months
Morphology: Multiple, asymptomatic and painless, erythematous-purplish nodules. No lymph node enlargement and no organomegaly.

Paget's disease of the nipple and areola

Age: 55 year
Gender: Female
Site: Breast (Unilateral)
Duration: 1 year
Morphology: Unilateral, pruritic, dermatitis-like rash confined to the area of the areola of the breast.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Age: 84 year
Gender: Female
Site: Cheek
Duration: 4 years
Morphology: Rodent ulcer with rolled up pearly border and surface telangectasia.