15 June 2012

Basal cell carcinoma

Age: 75 year
Gender: Male
Site: Nose
Duration: 1 year
Morphology: An asymptomatic, oval, slightly crusted patch with thread-like border. Excisional biopsy with safe margin has removed the tumor totally.

14 June 2012

Recurrent BCC

Age: 77 years
Gender: Female
Site: Cheek
Duration: 6 months
Morphology: At the periphery of scar of a previously excised BCC (three years ago), a newly developed superficial ulcer with thread-like beaded border was noticed. Excisional biopsy with a suitable safe margin was done. Biopsy confirmed a completely excised ulcerative BCC.

01 June 2012


Age: 45-year
Gender: Male
Site: Lower leg
Duration: 1.5 year
History: Long history of lichen simplex chronicus at the right lower leg of > 5 years duration. At last one and a half year an ulcer has developed and progressed slowly. O/E, an ulcer about 12X7 cm with an irregular outline, clean red base and punched out border surrounded by thickened dyspigmented skin was seen. Incisional biopsy revealed SCC.