19 July 2010

SCC complicating LP

Age: 57 year
Gender: Female (smoker)
Site: Lower lip (SCC)/ Inner cheek (LP)
Duration: 1 year (SCC)/ 5 years (LP)
Morphology: Vegetative ulcer with granular base and hemorrhagic crust on back ground of lichen planus.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Age: 84 year
Gender: Male
Site: Face 
Duration:3 Years
Morphology: Deep ulcer with an irregularly-shaped pearly rolled up border with easily bleeding tendency on minor touch.

Kaposi sarcoma

Age: 74 year
Gender: Female
Site: Face, forearms and hands
Duration: > 1 year
Morphology: Multiple, asymptomatic, deep purplish plaques and nodules. No lymph node enlargement or organomegaly.

Pigmented BCC

Age: 75 year
Gender: Male
Site: Scalp
Duration: 3 years
Morphology: An asymptomatic, oval brownish plaque with well-demarcated irregular margin.

18 July 2010

SCC complicating old burn scar

Age: 65 year
Gender: Male
Site: Lower leg 
Duration: 2 years
Morphology: A large indurated ulcer with an irregular border and vegetative crusted granular base within a scarred area (old burn 15 years ago).

Melanoma complicating congenital melanocytic nevus

Age: 75 year
Gender: Male
Site: Chest
Duration: 6 months
Morphology:A small dark reddish-brown dome-shaped crusted nodule developed within an irregularly-shaped congenital melanocytic nevus.