17 August 2011

SCC complicating venereal wart

Age: 65 years
Gender: Male
Site: Penile shaft
Duration: Wart (3 years) - SCC (6-8 months)
History: Genital wart involved the penile shaft and suprapubic region. Some wart lesions had been treated with electrocautery two years ago. At last 6-8 months an eroded red nodule developed on top of wart lesions. Excisional biopsy with a suitable safe margin showed SCC invading the dermis.
For more histologic details visist: www.globalskinatlas.com

03 August 2011


Age: 63 year
Gender: Male
Site: Lower lip
Duration: 8-10 months
Morphology: An asymptomatic, crusted, keratotic nodule about 1 cm diameter on the lateral side of the lower lip. Excisional biopsy showed SCC. 

01 August 2011

Pigmented BCC

Age: 50 year
Gender: Female
Site: Lower eyelid
Duration: 18 months
Morphology: An asymptomatic, pigmented, oval nodule with rolled up border. Excisional biopsy showed pigmented BCC.

Destructive BCC

Age: 83 year
Gender: Female
Site: Nose
Duration: 5 years
Morphology: An irregular destructive ulcer with rolled up border and crusted base. The tip and part of the dorsal surface of the nose had been destroyed. There was no lymph node enlargement or distant metastasis.